Approved Covid Care Hospital
Covid-19 Challenge

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    Covid-19 Challenge

Grace Kennett Foundation is one of the firsts to start a Fever Clinic to serve the needs of the community when the pandemic started.

A fully equipped 10 bedded ICU was started as soon as the government gave approval for private hospitals to admit Covid-19 patients.

So far, the results have been excellent with a survival rate of 99%.

The success has been due to the agility of our organization to respond to this challenge. The team adapted very quickly to the change. The dedicated medical and support team is performing amazingly well. This is despite the fact that initially many of them were falling ill and recovering. The sacrifice of the team and their standing up to the challenge in these trying times have been phenomenal.

Burns patients with Covid-19 have been another new challenge. The results of treating major burns patients with Covid-19 have been extraordinary. As on today, we have had 99% success.

We have ensured the safety of the vulnerable, orphaned, abandoned, and surrendered children of Mazhalai Illam. We have done 10 in-country and 1 inter-country adoption during the pandemic, overcoming the travel and mobility restrictions.

All this has been possible because of your unwavering faith, support, and trust in us. Thank you.