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To Adopt a Child

Grace Kennett Foundation, Mazhalai Illam is a recognized Specialized Adoption Agency. Mazhalai Illam is a home for the victims of female infanticide/ abandoned, surrendered, and orphaned children. On average, we have about 30 infants.

Adoption Service

The Right to Life

Our intensive neonatal care unit gives the unfortunate infants a chance to survive and ensures their right to life.

Adoption Counselling

Parents / Individuals who want to adopt can seek adoption counselling in our office from Monday to Saturday (Time 9.00 am 5.00 pm)

The Right to a Family

Every child has a right to a family. Over a thousand happy families have been built through In-country and Inter-country adoption.

Home Study

A Home Study Report (HSR) is done to evaluate the capability of prospective adoptive parents to adopt a child.

Adoption Service

Grace Kennett Foundation Mazhalai Illam has been recognized as an adoption centre by the State and the Central Government of India to do In-country and Inter-country Adoptions. Mazhalai Illam has done more than 1000 in-country and 500 inter-country adoptions.

Mazhalai Illam

The children are admitted in Mazhalai Illam – a children’s home, through government departments like District Social Welfare Office, District Child Protection Unit, and District Child Welfare Committee. The admitted children are kept in quarantine (in the hospital) for observation and various medical examinations are done, as per the guidelines. Generally, children below 6 years are admitted. For abandoned children, intimation is given to the nearest police station and paper notifications are given to trace out the biological parents.

Parents who surrender their baby/ child are given 60 days to change their mind and claim their child. On completion of the procedures, the District Child Welfare Committee declares the admitted child as legally free for adoption. Later the child is referred to Prospective Adoptive Parents who have applied via CARINGS (CARA Website) as per their seniority and preference.

Adoption Stages – In – Country

  • Online registration
  • Any individual or couple who want to adopt have to apply online under CARINGS through the website The Prospective Adoptive Parent(s) (PAPs) will be given a User id and Password on registration. Then they must select the nearest Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) for a Home Study Report (HSR). State and child preferences are given. After registration, the PAPs will receive an acknowledgment message and an email.
  • Documents including PAN Card are to be uploaded with the User id & Pass Word.
  • A social worker from the selected agency will visit the house of the PAPs and prepare a HSR.
  • After uploading the HSR on the CARINGS website, the PAPs will get their seniority number.
  • Based on the PAPs seniority status, child preference and state preference, the details with Medical Examination Report (MER) and Child Study Report (CSR) of three children will be sent to the PAPs online.
  • Within 48 hours, the PAPs has to reserve a child and should contact the concerned agency for further procedures.
  • The PAPs will attend an Adoption Committee with their original essential documents.
  • The child is handed over to the PAPs (Pre Adoption Foster Care).
  • Court filing is done and the court order legalizing the adoption is received on completion of certain processes.
  • The child’s birth certificate is obtained.

Talk to Social Workers

Ms V Nirmala Sorubarani

UpSolution Team

Mr V Pandi

UpSolution Team

Mr Gary Daniel Rebeiro

Ms Priya Augustus Dodd

Project Co-ordinator

For adoption online application and details please visit
Contact : +91 452 2601767 / 2601849