One of the important factors in Burns is metabolic response to trauma. The trimodial pattern of death seen in poly trauma is prominently seen in Burns. If they survive 3 weeks, they are very likely to survive. The third peak of death is the 3rd week.
The three significant and measurable results of early skin cover are –

1. Reduction of pain
2. Reduction of morbidity
3. Reduction of mortality

The availability of skin from the skin bank has an anticipated 50% reduction in pain score,
30% reduction in mortality and 30% reduction in morbidity.
The one significant factor in making the difference shall be the availability of temporary skin cover from the skin bank.
Paediatrics burns patients will benefit the most.

The butterfly is one symbol most associated with The Gift Of Life; organ donation. Here you see an orange butterfly with a broken wing repaired. The yellow area denotes the gift of life – the donated skin.