Life is skin deep. Loss of skin can lead to loss of life. Skin cover provided in the first three weeks of injury can reduce the number of burns victims dying by almost 50%.

Skin banking is a facility where the skin is collected from an eligible deceased donor and processed as per international protocols. Skin can be stored in the skin bank at 4-8° Celsius up to 5 years. The stored skin can be used for burns patients who have deep burns. Statistics have shown that 80% of the burn victims are women and children. There are only about 12 established functional skin banks in India. The population of India is 1340 million. 7 million cases of burns are reported annually and many die because of lack of efficient care.

The cost of establishing a skin bank is relatively very less when compared with the costs of other biomedical equipment.

Grace Kennett Foundation Hospital is an 80-year-old organization with 30 years of core competence in burns management and about 300 patients of burns treated annually.

Our proposed skin bank in Madurai shall cater to a population of about 100 million. Our primary objective is to become a nodal centre of excellence and to establish a network with other burns units, burns centres, and skin banks across the country with a specific focus on Madurai and the adjoining districts.

Our other objectives are

  • To carry out a mass awareness campaign to popularize the concept of skin banking.
  • To promote research in developing indigenous cost-effective methods to reduce the morbidity and the mortality in burns victims.